A partir da próxima semana, vamos passar a ter mais um bom motivo para nos visitarem!
Workshops de YOGA e Aulas de KUNDALINI DANCE.

Fica o convite para virem experimentar a aula de apresentação, no próximo Sábado, dia 17 de Maio, a partir das 16:00h.
Este evento é gratuito mas tem INSCRIÇÃO OBRIGATÓRIA por email para mundano.objectos@gmail.com.

Os workshops e aulas vão ser dados em inglês, mas vai ser super fácil!

Para saberem mais um pouco sobre o que vamos fazer e sobre a Dhana, a professora que vos vai acompanhar:

Yoga is a truly science of living. In our days it is enough famous. Still, the real knowledge about this millenarian system it is yet to be discover more and more.
  From many spiritual schools that exist in this period of profound transformations of the humanity, very few reveal the authentically Yoga teachings.
  The increased interest of the people to rediscover the well-being by the real harmony with the nature and the communion with God, makes possible that the traditional spiritual teachings to come gradually to light.
   And thus, one of the most comprehensive, large, complete, authentically international spiritual school, M.I.S.A., founded in 1990, bring to us the possibility to reach in an accessible way a very profound spiritual grow.
   Even from the beginning, from about 25 years, I practice the integral Yoga that this school teaches and my life improved in many aspects together with the expanding of the consciousness. I did cure some very serious health issues, I did recover in a spectacular way after some accidents. I did understand myself better and I did replace some life attitude that affect me with their effects. And so I understand and feel better the world that we are living in.
   I will like to share with you few of the so many and enlightening Yoga teachings that I received in monthly intensive workshops.
   We may start with basic information about  few important ASANA-s in Yoga practice that helps to remodel the body as a result of the deep awaken of specific types of energy in the being.
   We will practice together Yoga postures in a very attentive structured program  for about 2 hours weekly with the recommendation to continue daily for the whole month, according with your time and your will to receive the full benefits of this techniques.
   Together with the remodeling your body I will let you the pleasure to discover many other wonderful effects of these Yoga practice and we may have at the end of the session, a time for further explanations.
   In this way you may have a sample of what Yoga can improve in your life and you may like to continue to practice to reach more and more benefits in all the levels.

    Your faithfully,

enjoy life with us :)

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