Tord Boontje is back with "Cut Here Tattoo"

Product name: Cut Here Tattoo
Designer: Tord Boontje
Material: Acrylic Multipolymer
Color: pink

A dragon surrounded by a rose design is the format for Cut Here, a pink coloured temporary tattoo by Tord Boontje (NL), which leaves the user to decide which part to cut and wear.


here she is, "alive and kicking"!

Forget flying ducks this is the new urban chic!
Wall mount with fixings supplied.

A juntar à "3 guns" que voltámos a ter, chegou também esta versão de parede, que até tem um tubo de ensaio em vidro para colocar água. É demais!


Waterproof, para um dia como hoje!

by Maxim Velcovsky for Qubus design

For one of my vases, I chose the model of the Wellington boot. My goal was to retrieve this cheap, cult, maximally functional footwear from oblivion and immortalise it in the form of a porcelain object, a vase. In this model, I tried to invert Sullivans cliché form follows function into function follows form. I inverted its defining role as an object protecting against water into an object containing water. The shape of the Wellington boot has something folksy about it. Despite its rather short (thanks to modern technology) existence, it seems almost archaic. I was also interested in the psychological charge of design, the tension. The cheapness of rubber versus the costliness of porcelain. I am fascinated by trivial objects with practical and aesthetic qualities. Likewise by the fact that, at the beginning of the third millennium, one can de facto overturn the aesthetic scale by a mere change of material. By changing the material, a boot becomes a vase. One shape ends up in a different context and acquires a new function. When this object is multiplied, various compositions evoking diverse associations are possible.


as primeiras peças da Droog chegaram!

Bowls 'Reinventing Chinese eating Rituals'
by Michelle Huang

These self-adhesive transparent ‘water drops’ can be stuck on windows and mirrors.
They morph the user’s view and create interesting reflections.

by Arnout Visser