Bom Ano Novo!

E quando da meia-noite passar, só coisas boas nos podem esperar.

Não era suposto rimar, mas aconteceu!
Só pode querer dizer que 2009 vai ser um ano melhor!

Happy New Year!!!


Já abriu no Porto o Consulado dos F.O.F.F

Os F.O.F.F. chegaram!

"Uma nação de pocket-dolls-action-figures desenvolvidos por Yoad David Luxembourg desde 2006.
Um F.O.F.F. pode ser o nosso melhor amigo, é o companheiro de viagem em quem mais podemos confiar... pode, e deve, ir connosco para todo o lado. Até tem passaporte!

Melhor do que nós, o Yoad pode explicar melhor quem são eles!

Podem vir conhecê-los pessoalmente à nossa loja.
Para quem tiver curiosidade, vale a pena ler a entrevista, onde alguns segredos são revelados :)

photos by Yoad David Luxembourg. Thanks!


Feliz Natal!

A Mundano deseja a todos os Amigos, onde incluímos todos os Clientes e Fornecedores, um Feliz Natal!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Atypyk Paris!

A Atypyk já cá está, e tem feito as delícias de muitos.
À chegada, eram 17 Kg de boas ideias!

Desde a fita-cola de Natal para os presentes,

ao espelho que nos deixa ver na capa da Vogue, edição italiana!

ao simples clip,

à delicada e linda colher de café, silver plated,

aos lápis que nos deixam usar bigode, mas de pessoas famosas:
Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django e Clark!

Para abrir envelopes,

ou bases para copos em silicone, as propostas são muitas!


Miss Donna Wilson!

Eles são bonecos,


Likes kisses and cherry cola. Dislikes thunder and lightening!


Cannibdoll is happy and selfish.
He likes eating other cannibdolls and dislikes vegetables!

Stripey Head

I'm quiet and thoughtful, I like bird watching and dislike pickles!


Likes off road mountain biking and extreme sports!


Loves chicken chowmein. Dislikes walking up too early!

Creatures Calendar

cobertores para bébé,
Rainy Day Mini Blanket

Disponível também em cor-de-rosa e ébano.
Tricot em lambswool

abafa bules,
Tea Cake Cosy
tricot em lambswool

postais, com envelope, 15 cm x 15 cm

Tea Break


Get Well

cadernos de notas, com história!
Pip Pom Pom Note Book
A note book with a story!

tudo muito, muito lindo e fofo!

And here she is!

Donna Wilson Graduated in 2003 from Royal College of Art with an MA in Mixed Media and Constructed textiles. Although she has been working within the industry for just four years she has already established herself as one of the most exciting young British textile designers with an impressive portfolio of awards, commissions and solo exhibitions. Donna Wilson's work is characterised by its playful nature, tactile aesthetic and multicoloured palette. It is the everyday oddities and deformities of life that fuel her creative inspiration.


livros! books! @ mundano

E finalmente eles chegaram: os livros!
São da Die Gestalten Verlag, da Rizzoli, da Victionary e outras tantas deliciosas editoras vocacionadas para novidades de Design, Arquitectura, Print, Tyfaces e ainda! Urban Culture.
Neste momento, estes são alguns dos títulos disponíveis na loja, mas vamos receber mais.
A todos os clientes que já nos fizeram as suas encomendas, informamos que os livros já estão a caminho de suas casinhas!

Todos os livros são vendidos a preços que vale a pena comparar.

Tord Boontje
Tord Boontje incorporates a romantic, artisanal sensibility to contemporary industrial and product design, drawing from a rich graphic tradition to create objects of exceptional beauty and delicacy. One of the most original and innovative product and furniture designers working today, Boontje is an artist and a craftsman, and in designs for Swarovski, Artecnica, and Moroso, his lamps, chairs, fabric designs, paper products, and art installations have vaulted him into the top ranks of contemporary design culture. Featured in headline exhibitions at the Milan Furniture Fair, the Victoria and Albert Musem and Art Basel: Miami, the unique paper creations and furniture developed by Boontje have become global objects of desire, spawning a cult following among collectors and design consumers. Lavishly illustrated with over 300 sketches, concept renderings, and photographs, the book is a comprehensive visual document of the designer's work and an art object in itself, featuring a number of custom printing effects-stencils, perforated and die-cut pages, and textured and woven details-that capture the intricacy of Boontje's approach to pattern-making.

The Upset
Young Contemporary Art
A new breed of contemporary artists is celebrating new found international recognition for their style and approach to creating art that is sprouting from and largely influenced by visual subcultures. The Upset documents the burgeoning artists in this new movement whose works are often figurative and narrative employing classical techniques with great skills to create sculpture, illustration design and painting with the use of spray cans, sharpies and elaborate colour palettes on canvas. In addition to the striking visual work, the book features portraits of artists as well as in-depth interviews with selected artists who are creating outstanding cutting-edge contemporary fine art.

Jaime Hayon Works
Spanish designer and artist Jaime Hayon will be one of the most influential designers in the years to come, and this is the first monograph to present the full spectrum of his work. Ranging from clear and harmonious to playfully extravagant, all of the included examples of interiors, furniture, tableware and decorative ceramics attest to his inimitable grasp of form, style and colour. In addition to celebrated collaborations with clients such as Camper, Swarovski and Bisazza, Jaime Hayon Works contains previously unreleased personal sketches, illustrations and productions of new projects that will make its world premiere debut at the annual Milan Furniture Fair in April 2008.

The Shape of Things to Come
Design in the 21st Century has liberated itself from industrial conditions and the associated physical demands. With new technology, expanded choice of materials and the practice of luxurious craftsmanship, designers are embracing design with scintillating attitude, challenging aesthetic boundaries and speculating new expressions in visual codes. Desire documents current developments in furniture and object design today, showcasing recent work by the most exciting and influential designers from around the globe categorized into four distinct trends and groups: Modernists, Taletellers, Inventors and Entertainers.

Arne Quinze Works
Arne Quinze is a creative phenomenon. This first monograph extensively introduces the designer’s full creative universe from the past, present and future. Over 40 invigorating design projects crossing over from furniture, interiors and architecture to urban planning, car design and footwear are showcased with lavish photos, personal sketches and incisive text giving insight into Quinze’s cosmos. Celebrated projects such as furniture collections for Quinze & Milan, Moroso and Swarovski, concept cars for Lamborghini, the colossal wooden Uchronia sculpture at the Burning Man Festival and his monumental Cityscape sculpture project in Brussels are featured.

Porcelain, Glass and Ceramics
Fragiles is an eclectic collection of unconventional contemporary work in porcelain, glass and ceramics. Today, these materials are increasingly being used in playful ways by both established and emerging design talents, who are inspired by Modernism, an ironic depiction of kitsch and an expanded repertoire of forms made possible by technological developments such as rapid prototyping. The spectrum and quality of these innovative projects shows a current generation of designers just how relevant and challenging working with these traditional fragile materials can be.

Strike a Pose

Eccentric Architecture and Spectacular Spaces
Strike a Pose
documents a new extroverted architectural language. Manifested in spectacular structures, eccentric forms and vivid colours, this expressive approach goes way beyond conventional stylistic and geographic boundaries.