taz ah_Surprise!

taz ah
by Attua Aparicio Torinos
for thorsten van elten

It seems like a normal white mug untill you use it. Surprise!

Ø70mm x H80mm

Campana Brothers for Artecnica

The Campana Brothers are the latest designers to produce objects for Design With Conscience - a project by Artecnica that pairs leading designers with artisans in the developing world. Their TransNeomatic bowls are produced in Vietman and combine traditional woven wicker techniques with used scooter tyres rescued from landfill sites.


TRANS is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning “across”, “beyond” or “on the opposite side [of]”

PNEUMATIC: of or pertaining to air, gases, or wind. operated by air or by the pressure or exhaustion of air: a pneumatic drill, filled with or containing compressed air, as a tire.

TransNeomatic is a container bowl made of used (rescued from life-in-a-landfill) scooter tire and natural wicker. Before weaving begins the tire goes through a steam cleaning process removing all dirt and particles coated with a water-based non-toxic eco-friendly solution to seal and protect the tire from everyday usage.

The Campana Brothers strive to create non-polluting objects by reusing materials that would otherwise be trashed. In the TransNeomatic Container they pervert the original function of the object, the tire, and with applied handcraft work, reinvent function and aesthetic.

TransNeomatic exemplifies Fernando and Humberto Campana’s experimental clashes of materials and senses: nature versus plastic, cold versus warm, textured versus smooth surface, as the manufactured rubber meets hand-applied wicker.

Artecnica choose to produce TransNeomatic in Vietnam due to the country’s enormous amount of disposed tires from the populace’s ubiquitous scooters and the highly evolved culture of handcraft skills. Monsoon cycles, crop seasons, tire size: all played into the design production process, as did the local attitudes towards handcraft.

Artecnica stressed the value of this work, challenging the skilled artisans from a countryside village in Vietnam to apply and refine their traditional handcraft using the new exacting standard this design requires.

TransNeomatic joins the TranSglass collection, Come Rain Come Shine designed by Tord Boontje and the Beads & pieces collection by Hella Jongerius for Artecnica’s DESIGN WITH CONSCIENCE CAMPAIGN.

The mission of DESIGN WITH CONSCIENCE is to promote self-sustaining communities of talented artisans in underdeveloped countries by pairing them with talented designers of international fame.

The approximate measurements for the 2 sizes are:
Large – 51,5 cm ∅ x 7,5 cm height, Small – 42 cm ∅ x 10cm height


Hella Jongerius_Artecnica

Alguém perguntou há uns dias "quanto custa", em relação às peças da Hella Jongerius.
Relembramos aqui o projecto, que qualquer das maneiras pode ser consultado num post antigo:

Project Beads & Pieces beaded ceramics
Design master Hella is at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair intensely brainstorming over the improvements to perfect her latest design “Bowl large” when she relinquishes control and asks the artisans of Peru to add one of their designs to her ceramic floral bouquet.

Quanto a preços:

Bottle_551,24 euros (
22.9 cm / High 18 / 45.7 cm)
Large Bowl_751,69 euros (∅ 40.6 cm / High 27.9 cm)
Medium Bowl_280,62 euros ( 23.5 cm / High 15.2 cm)
Small Bowl_144,87 euros ( 14 cm / High 13 cm)

Design by
- Hella Jongerius


Plant Cup again!

Vamos finalmente receber outra encomenda da Gitta Gschwendtner's, que nos vai levar outra vez, para a "Alice-in-Wonderland" com a sua Plant Cup.
E como vocês já sabem, os gatinhos não estão incluídos!

St. Bartholomew’s Church by Maxim Velcovsky

Working with designer Jakub Berdych under the Qubus Studio banner, the interior of St. Bartholomew’s Church features Verner Panton chairs customised with a punched crucifix, Persian rugs and chandeliers of rough-cut crystal. An absolutely stunning combination of old and new: St. Bartholomew’s Church by Maxim Velcovsky

sucker's new colours!

Em resposta ao pedido da "miss éter", aqui mostramos as novas cores, "purple" e "blue" que vamos receber!


red dot awards

Optic glasses Arnout Visser
Sucker Leon Ramakers and Jan Hoekstra
Bottoms up doorbell Peter van der Jagt

Looking through the hollow and round lenses in the Optic glasses of Arnout Visser a whole new world appears. The lens structure provides a comfortable grip. The Sucker of Leon Ramakers and Jan Hoekstra prevents the problem of drilling holes in tiles or glass. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the product and the experience of attaching it. The sound of Peter van der Jagts Bottoms up doorbell is produced and symbolized by crystal wineglasses; a doorbell that announces guests with a musical toast.

red dot awards
Droog has carried off three desirable red dot awards for product design 2007. The Droog products have been chosen out of more than 2500 entries, originating from 43 countries worldwide. An international expert jury yearly assigns the red dot awards to outstanding innovative, functional and sustainable designs.