PX-0 by AIAIAI and Teenage Engineering

The PX-0 was designed in collaboration with the Swedish company Teenage Engineering and the aesthetics of the earphone follows the same design-ethos as their OP-1 synthesizer. The sound has been tuned by AIAIAI and focused on a full spectrum sound with an emphasis on the low- and mid-range frequencies making the synth notes stand out in full clarity.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod
Microphone & controller for handling volume, pause/play and answering the phone.
9mm driver delivers detailed, full-spectrum sound
Soft, lightweight color-graded 2mm cables

Driver Unit Size _ 9mm
Speaker Impedance _ 16 ohm
Product Sensitivity _ 96+/--3dB - 1kHz
Product Frequency Response _ 20--20kHz
Maximum Power Input _ 5mW
Microphone Supply Voltage _ 1.5 - 3.6 V

enjoy the sound :)

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