Brick by KiBiSi

KiBiSi has designed the Brick series for versus.
The series consists of a pouf, a chair, an armchair, and a two and three seater.

KiBiSi set out to make a sofa with strong architectural references since KiBiSi partner Bjarke Ingels couldn’t really find the right architect’s sofa for his apartment.
The point of departure was a classic brick bond forming the cushion pattern. 

The cushions are tied together and fixed with a tailor quality button. The button, also designed by KiBiSi, is molded of fiber concrete – Yet another architectural reference.


Bjarke Ingels of KiBiSi says:
What is a sofa but a pile of pillows for maximum comfort? Turning the habitual modularity of sofa design into a virtue, the Brick explores the tectonic of bricklaying to stack sandbag like cushions into architecture for comfort.”

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