Six Scents_Series Three

Making Scents of Memories:
From Innocence to Experience

Six Scents Series Three is an exploration into the nature of childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity. Six designers from six different parts of the world have been invited to remember the most definitive experiences of their youth that led to their sense of identity today and to recall some of their most intimate childhood memories involving the sense of smell. Exploring the stories from one through six, innocence begins to fade and rebellion, reality and mischief kick in. In addition, a group of contemporary artists have been invited to interpret the progression from innocence to experience through film. A portion of the proceeds will go to War Child International (warchild.ca) in support of children who have not had the good fortune to experience the same freedom of childhood and adolescence.

Director - Jeff Elstone
Story Director - Aramique
Creative Director & Executive Producer - Kaya Sorhaindo
Editor - Graeme Pereira

Original Music Written, Produced and Mixed by Gary Gunn

enjoy :)

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