Rob Brandt is back

Os "amarrotados" e famosos copos de café do Rob Brandt, voltaram!
Estão novamente disponíveis em 2 tamanhos: 6 x Ø 6 cm e 9 x Ø 6,5 cm, para quem gostar de café mais compridos ou para um chá.

"Inspired by the familiar Dutch plastic coffee cups you just have to squeeze, if only to hear their crackling sound, this ‘crushed’ cup was born. Ceramicist Rob Brandt has been making these with pleasure since 1975."

about Rob Brandt
Graduated in 1973 from the St Joost academy of visual arts in Breda, the Netherlands, and works in the area between serious and kitsch, balancing perilously on the edge. He makes use of widely known images from our society, playing with cliches, picking out the aspects he finds important at that moment, and constructing an image.

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