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Da Victionary

Simply Packaging
Packaging is an indispensable part of life. It’s a silent means of one-way communication derived from the instinct to impress and catch attention. In a world where consumers are drowned in choices, high-impact packaging is simply capable of elevating the status of ordinary products, so as to project a long-lasting identity – allowing no more than a few seconds for end users to spot the product from the crowded shelf.
Simply Packaging, the third and final volume of the SimplySeries™ series, captures the ever-evolving art of packaging design and its reflection of the times. Examining the subject in 3 main sections, namely Brand Seduction (branding & identity), Lifestyle Stimuli (lifestyle products) and Gobbling Desires (for food & beverages), the title celebrates the hottest packaging designs from around the world!

da Gestalten

Grid Index
A visual lexicon of two-dimensional grids and patterns indexed systematically - included CD with vector data. Grid Index is the first comprehensive visual lexicon of patterns and grid systems. Based upon years of research, artist and musician Carsten Nicolai has discovered and unlocked the visual code for visual systems into a systematic equation of grids and patterns. The accompanying CD contains all of the grids and patterns featured in the publication from the simplest grids made up entirely of squares to the most complex irregular ones with infinitely unpredictable patterns of growth, as editable vector graphic data files. Use it to map out the underlying grids of any image or form and to create recurring geometrical grids in graphic design - an essential reference for designers, visual artists, architects, researchers and mathematicians.

Play All Day
Design for Children
Play All Day documents a collection of the most vibrant, stimulating and engaging design products and concepts for children. This book sets a new standard of design for children with fascinating examples of innovative and well-designed toys, playgrounds and play environments, room decorations, wall coverings, furniture and kindergarten architecture. In addition to these products, it also presents illustration and photography as well as new and original ideas offering playful solutions that talented designers and creative parents are designing for and with their kids. It is an inspiring reference for design-savvy parents and other professionals.

Oded Ezer
The Typographer‘s Guide to the Galaxy
Oded Ezer presents the outstanding work of visionary typographer, graphic designer and artist Oded Ezer for the first time. He explores the anatomy of letters through his almost scientific approach to type design and creates Hebrew and Latin characters and alphabets that integrate elements atypical for font design. This book documents his type art and typographic experiments as well as his refined graphic designs, logos and unique font designs. This publication showcases his remarkable creative output and offers a rare insight into Ezer’s design process.

Behind the Ceiling
Marcel Wanders is the highly anticipated first monograph on one of the most influential, prolific and celebrated international designers today. Wanders’ designs are characteristically buoyant and imbued with his signature irony and quirky dry wit that evoke imagination; nevertheless all of the featured examples of furniture, lighting, interiors, textiles, tableware, decorative porcelain and ceramic vases as well as his personal art editions are unpretentiously urbane. This book showcases his body of work and stellar career through stunning photography, sketches, copious texts and quotes from the designer himself, offering a first-hand account of Wanders’ irresistible universe.

e da Gingkopress

No Sin/No Future
The latest limited edition from Ryan McGinness - No Sin/No Future follows the trajectory of the artist's book Project Rainbow (2003, Gingko Press). A collection of snapshots, sketches, and scans, all extracted with a discerning eye from the artist's studio archives. Sketchbook notes collide with paintings-in-progress and combine with vectors and bitmaps to create a dense site-specific visual concoction that provides unprecedented insight into how this artist's mind works and the mental processes that deliver his unique style. The work of Ryan McGinness has exercised great influence in graphic design and visual art circles, and is collected by venerable institutions around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The edition is limited to 2500 copies.

The Garden of Eye Candy
From the whimsical to adorable, erotic to innocent, to the dark and gothic, they lure us into their lush worlds of fairy tales, dreams and inspiration. “The Garden of Eye Candy” introduces us to immaculate illustrations that enshroud the viewer’s perception and gives flight to the imagination with each adventure and every character presented. “The Garden of Eye Candy” introduces an international roster of artists - the fore runners of these Surrealist inspired creations - in a luxurious and exquisite box set. With contributions from Cabizbaja, Candybird, Dolly Didit, Jaime Zollars, Kennys Work, Kukulaland, Lisa Petrucci, Amy Sol, Melanie Florian, Mijnschatje, Noferin, Brandt Peter, Danielle Lamberti, Kokomoo, Majeakann, Mark Bodnar, Rmyers Art, Saul Zanolari, Luke Chueh and more.

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