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filigrane vase


In 2003 Daniel Pirsc finished teaching at the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design Prague and moved to south Moravian town Mikulov.
Here he found the place to realize his dream – his own design studio.
In 2005 he opens Studio Pirsc Porcelain and comes up with a concept that is an alternative to the large-series production.
Since that time he devoted himself exclusively to porcelain design becoming one of the Czech designers working in the field.

petrol S, white

"The studio is equipped with technology allowing production of top-grade products.
We specialize in sophisticated and uncommon techniques.
Each product is made under surveillance of the designer and equipped with a certificate of originality.
We are open to the client’s requests. We aim to merge state-of-the-art technology with a good idea to give a rise to an object endowed with personality, soul and wit…"

petrol M, white

Porcelain can be different.

petrol L, platinum

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