Novos títulos e reposições

Estamos de volta!
Sobre as novidades da feira, estamos a preparar um post exclusivo para elas e a parte mais difícil é escolher!

Portanto, e para não vos fazer esperar mais, aqui deixamos algumas das mais recentes chegadas da Die Gestalten Verlag,
"Graphic designers are approaching type design in a refreshingly new manner and creating typography beyond the classical typeset. Playful Type demonstrates how these designers are creating a dynamic range of playful, illustrative and hand-made typography with the aide of a multitude of different techniques. From manual lettering, calligraphy and collage to manipulative time exposures of photographs and even ice blocks, the cutting-edge examples collected in this inspiring book indicate current developments in type design."

da Victionary,
"Initiated by Australian design collective Rinzen in 2004, Neighbourhood is a spontaneous collaboration between artists and designers from around the world. Twenty initial featureless hand-made toys are progressively reworked, which result in a sequence of characters and styles."

e da Allrightsreserved.
"This photo-cut-out book includes five fotomo, a gallery, a biography and interview with the artist Itozaki Kimio, and one lenticular sticker. The term Fotomo, is composed by the words photograph and model, referring to the 3D photo-scene reconstruted from a cut-out monochrome photograph."

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