Miss Donna Wilson!

Eles são bonecos,


Likes kisses and cherry cola. Dislikes thunder and lightening!


Cannibdoll is happy and selfish.
He likes eating other cannibdolls and dislikes vegetables!

Stripey Head

I'm quiet and thoughtful, I like bird watching and dislike pickles!


Likes off road mountain biking and extreme sports!


Loves chicken chowmein. Dislikes walking up too early!

Creatures Calendar

cobertores para bébé,
Rainy Day Mini Blanket

Disponível também em cor-de-rosa e ébano.
Tricot em lambswool

abafa bules,
Tea Cake Cosy
tricot em lambswool

postais, com envelope, 15 cm x 15 cm

Tea Break


Get Well

cadernos de notas, com história!
Pip Pom Pom Note Book
A note book with a story!

tudo muito, muito lindo e fofo!

And here she is!

Donna Wilson Graduated in 2003 from Royal College of Art with an MA in Mixed Media and Constructed textiles. Although she has been working within the industry for just four years she has already established herself as one of the most exciting young British textile designers with an impressive portfolio of awards, commissions and solo exhibitions. Donna Wilson's work is characterised by its playful nature, tactile aesthetic and multicoloured palette. It is the everyday oddities and deformities of life that fuel her creative inspiration.

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