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About Thelermont Hupton

Thelermont Hupton is a design partnership between David Hupton and Yve Thelermont. Having studied together since 2000 at the London Metropolitan University, they launched the company at Designers Block London in 2003. With backgrounds in fine art and furniture making their collections include furniture, interior accessories, lighting and tableware. The materials and forms they employ range from crafted wood through blown glass to moulded plastics.

Their designs are rooted in their observations of everyday life and the stories they develop, relate and share. Through verbal sketches and exchanges products emerge and are resolved simply through an investigation into form, materials, and arrangement.

About their products

Mugs & Cups

Lap and knee mugs
Mugs for indulging on the sofa. With either a concave base for balancing on your knee or a wedge for nestling in your lap. Earthenware.

The ‘best everyday’ cup
A cup with two faces, one side a mug for your mates and the other presents your ‘best china' for your granny. Earthenware.

‘Stuck on you’

A range pre–thrown kitchen utensils making colourful and easy to fit hooks.
The collection comprises a knife, saucepan and rolling pin.

Hand jobs

Inspired by Georgian door knockers, a series of coat hooks and wall art based on familiar gestures from the welcoming to the more expletive.
Gestures represent; thumbs up, wave, fist, shake, OK, up yours, point, peace and ‘hand job’.

Cast in resin compound with steel reinforcements.

See me TV

CCTV face mirror, nothing inside!, suitable for corner spaces.


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Carlos Tomé disse...

Olá e bom dia.

Não resisti em deixar o testemunho que as minhas panelas estão super fantásticas no hall de casa e designer que é designer tem umas panelas no hall de casa.