red dot awards

Optic glasses Arnout Visser
Sucker Leon Ramakers and Jan Hoekstra
Bottoms up doorbell Peter van der Jagt

Looking through the hollow and round lenses in the Optic glasses of Arnout Visser a whole new world appears. The lens structure provides a comfortable grip. The Sucker of Leon Ramakers and Jan Hoekstra prevents the problem of drilling holes in tiles or glass. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the product and the experience of attaching it. The sound of Peter van der Jagts Bottoms up doorbell is produced and symbolized by crystal wineglasses; a doorbell that announces guests with a musical toast.

red dot awards
Droog has carried off three desirable red dot awards for product design 2007. The Droog products have been chosen out of more than 2500 entries, originating from 43 countries worldwide. An international expert jury yearly assigns the red dot awards to outstanding innovative, functional and sustainable designs.

3 comentários:

Anonymous disse...

que bom!
o sucker já eu tenho... viva o SUCKER!

Boa Páscoa para todos.

mundano disse...

olha a sorte e o bom gosto que tiveste!
Deves ter o branco. Entretanto também vamos receber em verde água. Tens de voltar!

Muitas amêndoas!

miss éter disse...

E azul haverá?
Assim q puder, vou aí.